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Clubbing with a conscience


x Bookmark       Time Cost Trains Coaches Hitchiking Carpooling Ferrys The ideal route & carbon footprint What does it all mean?           I love to party, oh yeah.  I’ll be still shaking my zimmerframe and rocking to garage music when I’m ninety.  Everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while, but it’s not an excuse to fly.  You may not like what I say but the numbers prove that flying is devastating to the environment, people in poverty and ourselves (see       …..More Crumbs >>





The Trail

Energy consumed so far

I am currently in China having covered approximately 42509km from my starting point in England.  I have 14489km more to continue my circumnavigation back there, and if I am to use less energy than if I'd flown the same route, I have to do it with less than 24050 MJ (Approx 724L Diesel Fuel).

Let's see if I can............






Please Help! - I need your input

for the two main projects which will be shared freely:


I need your information & experiences of the best ESE (Ecological, Spiritual, Economical focused) travel e.g accomodation, activities, sites etc. Report on positive experiences rather than negative.

Send an e-mail with the info to the Breadcrumb Trail here


I need real information (not theoretical calculations) of fuel, cost, time & experience of any journey's taken whether by aeroplane or other transport to put into a database. From this I will create a calculator for future travellers to weigh up ecological, financial, monetary and time constraints to choose their mode of transport.

See here for more details:    More Crumbs »

Download a questionnaire below based on the language required, I have many!

For languages not listed and completed questionnaires, send me an e-mail