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Ibiza life


x Bookmark Budget travel Some info about seeing other sites on the Island, avoiding the tourist traps and visiting the more intimate nightlife without being ripped off (completely)……..     Bars & Clubs Over in San Antonio, there is a huge pre-party scene plus the notorious West End, where you can witness the Brits Abroad phenomenon in full effect, meanwhile over in Playa d’en Bossa the beach party scene continues to thrive, with music and dancing on the sand until midnight every night. Ibiza locals are fiercely loyal to the       …..More Crumbs >>





The Trail

Energy consumed so far

I am currently in China having covered approximately 42509km from my starting point in England.  I have 14489km more to continue my circumnavigation back there, and if I am to use less energy than if I'd flown the same route, I have to do it with less than 24050 MJ (Approx 724L Diesel Fuel).

Let's see if I can............






Please Help! - I need your input

for the two main projects which will be shared freely:


I need your information & experiences of the best ESE (Ecological, Spiritual, Economical focused) travel e.g accomodation, activities, sites etc. Report on positive experiences rather than negative.

Send an e-mail with the info to the Breadcrumb Trail here


I need real information (not theoretical calculations) of fuel, cost, time & experience of any journey's taken whether by aeroplane or other transport to put into a database. From this I will create a calculator for future travellers to weigh up ecological, financial, monetary and time constraints to choose their mode of transport.

See here for more details:    More Crumbs »

Download a questionnaire below based on the language required, I have many!

For languages not listed and completed questionnaires, send me an e-mail